Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Sometimes an item just gets in your head and you can't get it out. I'm a sale stalker and usually find that waiting for a piece you coveted just causes the desire to ebb away. Occasionally the price drop makes the item more attractive again, but often not.

This year, I saw a pair of sandals/shoes I'd quite liked in person, so to speak, for the first time at the Rachel Comey sample sale. Still overpriced at nearly $250 (and more than that with tax), the crackle taper wedges caught my eye across the room. I'd liked them online--but not loved. But after pointing excitedly and showing them to Emilie and Monica, I searched through the boxes and there was nothing above a size 8.5. The next time I saw them on sale was on Christmas day at Saks.com. Just $125 this time (so with tax, we're talking about $135 or so, and probably another $9 for shipping) but only one snag. All the sizes were available except my size 10. Anthro had them in red suede (nice but less practical) but they sold out at about $250 in my size. An internet search came up empty in size 10--clearly the other girls with big feet liked them too, which might be a good sign, but it wasn't much use to me.

Finally, last night I searched ebay--just my general search for labels I liked--before heading off to bed. There they were--unworn, crackle, taper wedges, one pair, size 10, BIN $149 plus shipping (just a shade more than the Saks pair). So, I put them in my basket, went to bed to sleep on it, and there they were at 3.30 p.m. today when I checked ebay. So, I paid for them and now they are on their way. I just hope they are comfortable and that they fit.

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