Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A First

Today I had my first ever facial (other than those you do at home with friends or on your own). During the summer, I purchased a Groupon for a local spa--a vitamin C facial and pedicure for $40 (value $103, mostly for the facial). Time got away from me and I discovered that the spa was located in a gym far from bus or subway. But I lucked out--they moved to a stone's throw away from the 7 train so I didn't have to navigate the BQE, which may not have had sidewalks.

I'm usually cheap about these things--I don't spend money on beauty treatments on a regular basis. My last pedicure (and the only other professional one I've ever had) was in April with my friend before her wedding as an event laid on for the bride and bridesmaids. I was surprised then how much it relaxed me. My facial and pedicure today were both excellent--so much so that I'm going back next month for a cheaper treatment. I think my face looks nice although I don't know if there is an enormous change (there were many treatments involving coffee, blueberries, papaya, pumpkin, vitamin C, vitamin C masks, light, steam, lavender and electricity) and my toes are pink and glittery. But it was so relaxing and helped me recover from my cold--and allowed me to come home and work hard, so it all worked out well.

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erica said...

i used to get facials but never saw much of a difference. it's more about feeling pampered. actually, my skin is much much better these days, and all i use is raw coconut creme. in my case, it's probably just hormones.

i'm glad you're feeling better, though. if i could find a cheap but good facialist here, i would definitely indulge once in a while.