Friday, January 6, 2012

Sale Season?

We're at that time of year where, under normal circumstances, I'd be alternately showing off my finds and worrying about having spent too much. It seems the topsy turvy economy--a recession combined with a still very affluent luxury sector--have combined with limited production runs to produce a dismal sale season. We are now into January--a month that usually sees 50 and 60% reductions quickly increased to 70% or more, yet many stores have at best offered 30-40% (as I write, Creatures of Comfort is at 35% off and many stores have announced final sales--i.e. final reductions--with less than 50% off). Inventory looks to be low so I'm not anticipating much more in the way of discounts, which is disappointing. I had my eye on a few pieces--admittedly not so many this season--but few of them have been reduced more than 30% and my newly reduced income doesn't permit much extravagance so either the sales have to improve or I'll have to pass.

It's still early in January (thankfully) so matters could change. But I have a feeling stores efforts to reeducate consumers away from the 70% or so discounts are now firmly in play. If I can get a couple of those very special basics, I'll be happy. And if my shoe repairs work out, then, maybe I won't need shoes even though I'm still waiting on reductions on a couple of items that have spoken to me from afar. And if I don't get anything, if prices stay high, that's likely better for my wallet.


Amanda said...

The Totokaelo sale just started and I had an APC bag and an Alyson Fox in my cart - the job numbers made me a little happy today. But then I decided that I didn't really need those things and I've been to trivial with my spending last year - I've effectively come into a purchasing malaise, and quite honestly, I hope this lasts for a long long time. =)

erica said...

i overspent on our nyc trip and christmas/new years, so nothing more this january.

the less i spend, the more cavalier or certain i become about what i do spend. in about 2 years my wardrobe is going to be in crisis because i haven't really kept it up. then again, hopefully i'll have a decent job by then!

erica said...

the less cavalier or certain, i mean :)

louise or valentine said...

i've been eying a few things on anthro, madewell, jcrew and asos- it's like nothing will ever get further reduced. but i've told myself to wait it out. though, i'm partially scared that all of the size 11s will totally sell out. which they probably will.

also- can you re-invite me to the community closet blog? i need to sell some things before i buy some shoes. even though i desperately need some sensible work heels. with this baby face, i feel like some heels are key in at least looking somewhat more mature. i've even started wearing make up (ie foundation).

ps it's caroline, btw.

louise or valentine said...

oh yay! it published it with my blogger account.