Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Little Economies

I keep saying I need new shoes--some of this is true, some of it is a consequence of being so busy that I don't have time to get shoes and boots repaired. I realized how stupid this is when I nearly bid on a pair of black Rachel Comey Paypals with a missing heel cap. My initial thoughts were that my pair need to be repaired and these would tide me over. Then the illogic of the situation hit me--I was buying new boots that needed a repair because I didn't have the time to get my current pair repaired and was on the verge of wearing them down beyond a point where they could be saved. None of this made any sense.

So, as part of my New Year's Day clean up, I dug out all the shoes I loved that needed repairs and took them to the local shoe guy. Not only is he just below my apartment but he also has good reviews. I've got a few more pairs to take in but hopefully this will work out and save me money in the long run. I also reordered prescriptions before my insurance runs out (I think the new one will have lesser coverage) and hope I can get one more refill in after this. By tonight, I hope I'll have a decent version of my paper ready to submit to a journal and then I can start on the new chapter tomorrow. After all, it's so cold outside that staying in and writing seems the most reasonable course of action, although I am going to two classes at my yoga studio's new location tomorrow.

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erica said...

shoe repair and maintenance is such a pain (and a little expensive), but so worth it if you own nice shoes. men have no problem spending hundreds a year on dry cleaning, so i figure i should reconcile myself to spending the same amount on a new pair of boots every year as i do on shoe repair.

i hope you can max out your prescription coverage before switching over!