Thursday, January 5, 2012

Small Steps

I'm now half way through the holiday and still dealing with the work from last semester. I had more grading this year than ever before and still have papers left to grade, all of them needing to be done by Friday. I have letters of recommendation still to write for students. I had a record semester there too and as each letter takes a few hours, I decided to go alphabetically. I'm up to S. Grad schools often ask for letter insanely early (files don't get looked at until mid-late January yet letters are due in early December--officially that is, but most of the schools don't need them until a month or six weeks later). It's tough when your time is so stretched, where you have to make the decision to write a letter or prep class/grade papers. The fact that I'm still in this situation doesn't bear thinking about, especially as I have a lot of my own work to deal with--a paper to finish, a chapter to write--and the impending deadlines associated with this work.

So, small steps. Today I nearly finished the paper--the conclusion is still unfinished and I hope tomorrow will see the end. I have to write an abstract and send it off this week. I have a conference paper proposal to write by Monday and a letter to write to my publisher. Perhaps the biggest step came tonight (ironically as I was changing the litterbox) as I decided which chapter to write next. While Evan was recording the introductions to the would be suitors from Monday's premiere of The Bachelor, I realized I could use the episode as an intro for one chapter, which catalyzed more thoughts, more structures (confessions, blogging, diaries, self-analysis) that made me realize I could write this thing without doing too too much new research, unlike the other chapter that I was considering starting. That one will get partially written in Feb/March anyway as I'm scheduled to present the first section at a conference in Boston.

OK, so I haven't dealt with some of the more major issues yet, like health insurance. But I will by the end of the week. I just have to ensure fear does not hold me back yet again. I also didn't get to the bank but I'll blame that on getting caught up in work (time always passes me by) and the frigid temperatures outside.

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erica said...

i just stopped work from last semester and am in a race to get ready for next week. letters of rec and a cover letter for a dream job need to be done today and tomorrow.

i *still* haven't mailed off half of my holiday cards. happy, um, january?!? and my office desk is littered with tea mugs and final exams from last semester. yikes!

good luck tackling both big and small projects!