Thursday, February 24, 2011

What I Haven't Bought

This week, I haven't bought or even looked at anything. What with the Florida trip, teaching and a Joan Crawford triple bill Presidents Day with Ben and Brynn, I haven't really had much time to blog, look at clothing, or do anything else. The Paid, Possessed (1931) and Our Modern Maidens video screening was a bit of an indulgence (especially as it was followed by amazing Thai from Ayada and a guilty pleasure viewing of The Bachelor), but it was also work, background screenings for both the book and my Advanced Seminar in Media and Fashion.

That said, posting what I love, am on the fence about, or might otherwise have snagged, is proving to be a good exercise. In one of the first posts, I showed a Rachel Comey blouse that time has shown, I'd never wear. Similarly, the striped J. Crew sweater would have come in the mail, I'd have tried it on and then remembered I had it sometime in April, worn it once and moved on. The only pieces I still covet are the Comey boots and the Marant blouse. I can't have both--and maybe can't have either. Time will tell.


jennifer said...

I also find that blogging about stuff I like helps to curb impulsive spending. I guess it offers a platform for me to re-evaluate why I like the piece. People's comments and input are also useful in pushing me one way or the other.

erica said...

if i were you, i would get the isabel marant top. coc had it in a 2 and 3 last i checked (2 weeks ago?).

i've definitely been pushed to buy things that i later regretted based on comments. not having a blog has helped immensely in curbing my shopping!