Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Come on, Rodents!

Groundhogs are incredibly sweet--they make me smile with their chubby little bodies and pointy faces.

Both Punxsutawny Phil and the NYC groundhog evidently saw--or didn't see--their shadow, whichever one means spring is imminent. I don't really know how any human can discern an animal's perception but there you go (I'm also not about to debate whether these animals are aware of shadows or their relationship to self). But I do hope they are right--this winter has been long enough and I am mighty fed up with the cold, slush, snow, ice and the dirt it inevitably leaves behind. Much of our garbage is still on the streets, covered with somewhat thawing and very dirty snow--an attraction for rodents of another kind.



This rodent legend is based on a simple binary logic. If it's a sunny day and the rodent "sees" his shadow, the assumption is that the "nice day" is only a momentary break in the winter onslaught. If, on the other hands, said rodent emerges on an overcast day and does not "see" his shadow, the assumption is that winter is still raging but will soon break.


I meant to say "other hand" and not "other hands." I may have been thinking about turning that fat prairie dog into a stylish muff.

Moya said...

Nobody understands rodent logic as well as you, Jeff. I think this little fellow is quite beautiful and hope he doesn't end up as a muff.