Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things I Didn't Buy This Week, Part II

This has been the kind of week that wasn't conducive to massive spending--fantasy or real. When snow and ice limit your movements, dictate practical footwear and multiple layers, it is difficult to think about wearing anything but that small selection of warm winter layers.

Still, some items would have found their way to my apartment in a typical year due to their combination of massive markdowns, just right pricing and desirability. Here are some more of the pieces I very nearly bought. All were in my size--this isn't a fantasy of what I'd like in an ideal world but a very real slice of what I would have bought, nearly fell for, even put into my shopping cart before the vow of shopping chastity prevented me from pulling the trigger.

Creatures of Comfort, again. They had these lovely No. 6 sandals in my size for just over $110 plus taxes and shipping. I really love the color, can see these twinkling away on my feet in the summer or with thick knee/over the knee socks in the spring. I very nearly bought these last summer and still like them as much now as I did then. Why did I pass? I have the red t-strap No. 6 sandals and haven't worn them that much so I figured there is no need to get their sibling just yet. I have clogs, so I have to move on.

OK, I'm cheating now. This sweater was in my J. Crew shopping cart on the last day of the 40% off sale price promo. At just $25, it was a steal, especially as it had already caught my eye when it was new in store (the zipper and stripes plus its 1960s feel were very tempting indeed). But, I have 86 sweaters. It's lovely but it isn't thick or warm, so it resists layering and thus competes with the other items I don't wear as much as I should (silk blouses, thin sweaters) because we don't have enough of that temperate weather in NYC. If I was in London or Seattle, yes. But while I like this jumper very much, I couldn't layer it and couldn't justify it as #87, especially when a fair share of the knits I have don't get much wear, many for the same reason.

Another cheat in more ways than one--the one in my J. Crew cart was in a heather-tan color and was 40% off--a cashmere cardigan that I'd wear a lot, that cost less than $50. How could I resist? Usually I couldn't. I had all the pieces I wanted--including the green leather gloves that were tough to find and sold out in an instant. This sweater was lovely but while I'd certainly get more than my money's worth out of it, I have two new J. Crew cashmere cardis that I have yet to wear. The new pragmatist in me realized I'd have to give it a pass and so I let it go--and some other lucky shopper bought it instead.

Another cheat. Like the cardi above, this cashmere t-shirt was 40% off, in my basket, in my size. It was also in a different color (and I'm ashamed to say, I forget the shade, although I like this one a lot). I took it out because it is a t rather than a sweater. It would be a bottom layer not a top--I would perhaps get another round neck cashmere sweater in a medium weight knit as I do wear my Inhabit ones to death (and I patch them up too). But I know this is a style I've passed on before and for good reason--it will pill and won't be that much use. In taking it out of my basket, I went below the free shipping minimum (by a few dollars) and couldn't find anything else to get it back up--the small ticket items had all gone and I wasn't going to spend for the sake of it. Even though this was around $60--a month ago I'd say that was enough of a deal--it went, and with it the other items, green gloves first. I was actually quite pleased at my restraint--not frustrated as I would have been in the past. I think that's a positive sign.


lorochills said...

Moya-i am very proud of you...I too have been loading up a cart and then something at work distracts me and then I just forget about...I think it is a very good thing that we do not fully steps right

erica said...

my svpply has become an obsessive catalog of things i can't and won't buy. it's fun seeing your virtual cart.

i find that shopping online makes it harder for me to pull the trigger. i have more time to mull things over and second guess. it's also conducive to irrational desires and impulse buys, alas.