Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow and Ice

Today's ice storm prompted NYU's third campus-wide email of the week and half long semester reminding us that the campus would be open and that we should take care traveling in. There was also a fourth email last Thursday canceling all classes--a true rarity. Fortunately, I work from home today--a lot of work interspersed with some yoga. Alas, my plans to see a matinee of The King's Speech have been postponed until the weather improves--ice storms are not my thing.

By now, I'm fed up with being cold and wearing the same small range of clothes day after day. The Hunter wellies have proved to be a great purchase--I no longer stop at corners wondering if I can leap over puddles. Like a school girl, I can wade through and have even been tempted to jump. With socks, they are warm--with the linings warmer--and they do not leak. Only a few times in the most bitter cold have my feet felt chilly, but the alternate options of my old Wisconsin snow boots also fails as they are not waterproof and lead to even colder feet in the long term. I do feel liberated as I watch others crowd by the puddles and snow drifts they cannot pass, although it is also frustrating to be caught behind them as I try to catch a walk light or get where I am going in  reasonable time.

It seems a long while since I could wear something relatively attractive, however. Even with 86 sweaters, only a few hit that sweet spot of being warm enough to wear and light enough to layer--one simply doesn't suffice. And of course I'm tempted to get more but (a) they've all long sold out, (b) this weather surely will pass, and (c), I am trying to stop buying clothes or at the very least, really limit my consumption.


joyce said...

Hunter wellies really are great for that slushy snow and deep puddles. It's all about footwear when it comes winter survival.

Marti said...

stay warm and dry. I am actually really freaked out about all this extreme weather. this time of year in PDX is normally 50's and rainy and right now its clear and cold (though I am not complaining!).

The Kings Speech btw is really good.

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