Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back in NYC

I spent the weekend in Tampa, FL--the reason for going was a Bar Mitzvah. It was lovely to be in the warm sun (although I wouldn't want to live there). Just this morning, I was standing by a pool in a sundress over a bikini. Now I'm in a sweater and wooly tights. We went to the aquarium and saw crocodiles, alligators, owls, quail, jelly fish and dragon fish, amongst others; ate way too much and swam in an outdoor pool. It's amazing how much you can do in just over a day and two nights although I am feeling a tad sleepy right now.

My Bar Mitzvah outfit was a bit ad hoc (as in I rushed home from Friday's class, rummaged through my closet and quickly packed a few dresses that seemed like they might work before we rushed out to catch our flight). It was a pretty ritzy affair (to put it mildly) but my Ignacia dress and silver glitter Miu Miu t-strap heels did the trick. And I didn't use it as an excuse to buy a new dress.

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joyce said...

I'm sure you looked great! What I wouldn't give to be in warm weather next a pool right now...