Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Should I?

I've liked these ankle boots all fall. Of course, they are both too pretty and too high to be worn in the typical winter weather, but there is something about them I like. I think they'd make my legs look long and work well with the dresses, skirts and pants I have.

There are just two problems: one, I've never tried them on and they are patent leather, which doesn't exactly stretch. I have wide feet--so will these fit? How can I know? They are Rachel Comey but they don't look like the typical Comey boot.

These boots (the same Mummer style in a different colorway) are another option. They don't appear to be patent leather so they may be more flexible. I like them but the others are in green and purple which are my colors of the moment... But still, the issue remains, would they fit?


erica said...

just from the colors i would go with the dark green pair. they seem more versatile.

i was thinking of either the nimbus oxfords or the thistle booties from gimme shoes, but can decide on the sizing either.

suzie said...

you are expressing doubt, which means you should not get them. they are not very practical anyway, quite high and would probably date pretty fast. you probably have a lot of shoes which should be worn anyway in your closet. i say do not get them. you swore to save money, so i think you should skip these.

Marti said...

i really like them. with patemt go up a size. I think you would wear them in spring alot

Cheryl said...

Love the dark green pair. These shoes are hot! I never seen these RC booties. If you have loved them all season I say you should buy them, especially if they are on sale. You should give the shop a call to check on the fit of the shoe.

Biscuit said...

i like the green ones, too. i find that rachel comey shoes run really narrow: my penpal boots are kind of uncomfortable for that reason (I also have wide feet).


louise or valentine said...

i loveee these and i would say go with tthe green pair! b/c green looks great on you and i feel you wear things that go more with green and navy.