Sunday, February 13, 2011

Things I didn't buy this week, #3

It's been a busy week and it flew by. I didn't see as much as I might normally because I was busy with work, yoga, pilates and then fighting a cold. But in those moments where I was wandering through Manhattan or flicking through e-commerce sites while sipping tea, I found more items that would have broken through my restraint in any other year. Here they are.

I do love bracelets. I've also got a soft spot for J. Crew costume jewelry--and I have a drawer full of the stuff now (albeit each piece still in a box, so my collection isn't that crazy--but it is bad enough). I wandered into J. Crew the other day to avoid the cold on my walk back to campus and this little bracelet caught my eye. It's one of their Lulu Frost collaborations. There was another I liked even more that isn't online so there is no image to borrow. It's around $100 or so with tax and likely won't go on sale anytime soon. It is beautiful and I know I have fantasies of how nice it would look with some of my dresses. But I've been this route before and have bracelets that are still unworn so unless it goes on major sale, it will have to be another item I love from afar. It has a museum-piece quality so I can just pretend that it isn't really available for sale. I do not need another bracelet and truth be told, I don't wear bracelets as often as I'd like--in the winter, they really don't work with sweaters, gloves and glacial cold.

I was also very, very sorely tempted by this Isabel Marant blouse. I love it, would wear it and think it is just lovely in all ways. But I'm also on a budget and it really resembles items I have (Mayle Clothilde and Anton blouses, Lyell polka dot blouse). So I'm postponing this one and think I will probably have to pass because of its cost. Other things are demanding my attention and I am not sure I can justify this beauty. But here it is:


jennifer said...

That Isabel Marant blouse is really nice. Maybe it will still be available in a few months when things go on sale. :)

Marti said...

The Marant top is great. I love the pattern. Having some major restraint issues with JCrew myself these days.