Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day

As I teach until 9.30 p.m. Monday nights, we celebrated V-Day on Saturday. But we saved some yummy Whole Foods deserts and card/gift giving until the evening of the day itself. Evan is always great with Valentine's Day gifts and this year was no exception. I have an IOU for tickets for The Book of Mormon and dinner (plus a new album--either Sam Prekop, Laetitia Sadier or one of my other faves). I am a huge South Park fan and share their fascination with Mormonism. After reading Under the Banner of Heaven, I checked out so many books on the LDS from the NYU Library that I'm sure people would have thought that was my specialty--or, at the very least, assume I was working on some kind of research project. So I am very much looking forward to seeing the show (and having a good laugh) when it opens.


joyce said...

Now that I know about your interest in Mormons I feel compelled to share this:

A friend of mine sent me the link and it's so fascinating!

Moya said...

Thanks so much Joyce--I am going to read it now.

louise or valentine said...

i so so so want to go see the book of mormon when it comes out!
i like musical theatre but i don't really go see broadway shows.
though i want to see that and the train wreck which is spiderman. i feel like, pop culturally, it's like sitting with marina at moma. one should do it, b/c its in nyc and imagine the experience and memories you will have.