Sunday, February 13, 2011

Last Weekend

Last weekend, Cindy came into town for a very quick and spur of the moment visit. It was wonderful! The weather even cooperated (no new snow and an almost spring-like 46 degree Sunday). We walked around Manhattan (possibly too much), window shopping and checking out consignment stores (virtually no Mayle at all). We ate splendid, if insanely spicy, Thai at Ayada, had cupcakes at the new Billy's Bakery on Elizabeth Street and had a great brunch at Eatery with Monica (although we probably ordered about 100% more food than we could possibly eat).

We were also highly restrained in our shopping. Cindy bought an amazing Suno dress from Opening Ceremony. I nearly bought some much needed skinny pants from Rag & Bone on 70% markdown. As they were one of the first things I tried on, I passed in case something else turned up that I coveted more. But when it comes down to it, I need dark skinny pants (these are charcoal gray). I have items I love that I simply cannot wear with much of what I have in my closet, other than jeans, and sometimes those don't even work. Some of the pretty long tops, like my Agnes Barley print Harumi and my purple Anton, really need black pants, and my wide-legged ones don't hit the mark. At 7 p.m., I decided I could justify this expense ($110 or so with tax) and realized that the pants in question are both well made and as flattering as I could find (it's not the pants fault that my butt and thighs are larger than I'd wish). We retraced our steps, only to find Rag & Bone had shut.

So I walked over there before acupuncture on Thursday and purchased them. I *did* buy something this week but I think they will become one of those closet stalwarts that allows me to wear more of what I have and thus spend less on new items. That's the idea and I am determined to stick with it. Here they are:

And here's how they look on the Rag & Bone model, who has the kind of narrow thighs that I will only have in my dreams. Despite my more flawed proportions, these are pretty flattering pants--and they are in a silk/lycra mix that seems pretty durable.

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Marti said...

Those pants look amazing. I find it so hard to find good trousers!