Thursday, December 3, 2009

United Bamboo Cat Calendar

I forgot to mention this special delivery. Some of you probably read about the United Bamboo 2010 calendar, which features cats modeling special cat-size United Bamboo clothes. As soon as I read about it on, I contacted them to reserve one. I got an email yesterday around 1 p.m. saying these were available and as one was reserved for me, I had five days to purchase it. So, I ordered it before heading down to NYU to meet some students.

This morning at 9, the USPS person came with a big box. It was the calendar--lightening fast. It only has 6 photos. At $25 I suppose I had hoped for 12, but as a cat parent, I understand the difficulties of this task, unless the cat is Peeps and loves getting dressed. Blue and Remy regard it as a fate worse than death, one that no number of cat treats or cans of Wellness can warrant.

Anyway, the calendar is lovely, big and has a metallic cover. The cats are beautiful and look mighty fine in their outfits. And some of the profits go to the wonderful KittyKind rescue group ( I'll be smiling at those beauties for a year so I think this was a great purchase.

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Marti said...

OMG. This is AMAZING. And I love the mini outfits!!