Thursday, December 3, 2009


Today was a long and tiring, but not without fun. One of my undergrads loves Mayle and I helped her find a cardigan. Then she won an auction for an Odette coat, which made her really happy. I like bonding with her over these items. She had on her Rising Sun wedges and I asked to try them--they were so soft and comfy. I do need the 41 (her size) although I might be able to get away with a 40 if by any miracle they reappear. I wish I had got them last year...

I just got home to two new arrivals--the Inhabit cardigan and the first sweater I ordered with the round drapey neck. Both are really nice--super soft with a great drape. Both fit really well, and both are very similar browns although there is a clear difference. I am very happy with both. I thought the sweater was a risk but it is far nicer than in the photograph. So this is turning out to be sweater week--Evan can't get his head around the number of sweaters I already own and my continuing need for more. But I do wear them (he doesn't--men don't really seem to feel the cold) and try as I might, I don't think he understands different weights are useful for different weather. Today I wore Sveva  for the first time and I love it--soft, nice drape and beautiful details. I paired her with Eniko in Paradiso, a thin J. Crew black t-shirt, purple tights, grey boots and navy Odette.

I've been a bad girl this week. Yesterday, I picked up a pair of Madewell's skinny slouch jeans (size 27!). I went in to look at the sequin tank they have in one of their emails. It is lovely but I want the L and they are out (so I left my number). They had jeans on sale, so I tried them on (their prices are reasonable). They were nice but I decided to look at the skinny slouch hoping they'd work miracles on my muscular thighs. They did. I was stunned. The 29s fell off me in the hips/waist, the 28s were big too but both showed me how flattering these could be. The 27s weren't even tight but made my big thighs disappear so I got them. They are basically like skinny jeans with a little more give. I wonder what the 26s look like--I think I stopped before I went too far.

Then I looked in J. Crew who had some new and lovely jewelry. I also found the infinity bracelet on sale (I thought it was $29.99 but it was $39.99). So that went home too. Or rather out with me to my friend Allison's opening. She's doing a line of t-shirts and jersey items that are super-soft and organic, with a barbed wire print. I should have got one but I was feeling guilty about the tons of pieces I've got this week--and the lack of Christmas shopping that I've accomplished to date. Then I had dinner with my friend Mara and back home in the rain. For all this, I wore my black Filippa K mini dress, black chunky Club Monaco cardi (unnecessary as it was so warm), black leggings, grey boots, Odette and my rhinestone J. Crew bracelet.

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