Sunday, December 13, 2009

... Saturday

I was up bright and early for my first ever Saturday acupuncture appointment. I will have to miss three weeks, so I decided this was the best course of action. Besides, my acupuncturist works miracles and I want to do this. It was her first ever Saturday session and she was fully booked. After I return, I'm going twice a week. I hope I can stick to my diet over Christmas and won't have to detox or anything, despite the temptation of English chocolate.

After that, I shopped. Toys R Us and Hello Kitty meant Times Square on what had to be one of the busiest and most tourist-laden shopping days of the year. After a little more Christmas shopping, I met Evan and we graded in Starbucks--for him, student papers, for me, the MA exams, before eating Vietnamese food (one of the lesser Asian cuisines in my opinion, especially in NYC) and heading to Trader Joe's then home.

As for my outfit, I dressed for the weather. Leggings, boots, Club Monaco gabardine box pleat skirt from about 5 years ago, striped J. Crew t-shirt, black Club Monaco thick cashmere cardigan and Odette. I think the days of glamorous dressing are on the wane--as it gets colder, the dresses are getting fewer airings. At least the milder British weather means they'll get another outing before the cold of winter really hits home. In preparation for this, I bought some J. Crew toothpick skinny cords in charcoal grey yesterday--just $29.99.


Marti said...

wow you braved TS on a Saturday. You are so braver than most!! I need to look for those cords!

Moya said...

You should get them, Marti. They are a lot more expensive online too. I really like them.