Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Month, New Sweater

The month hasn't started on quite the note I'd have liked--things I thought were in process unraveled and I'm back to the beginning. But I have done quite well with sweaters recently and today I added another gem to my collection--the Sveva sweater from SS 06. It's the one that's somewhat like Fall 08's Aiko, but has no zipper, is made from a soft wool blend, not cotton, has shorter puffed sleeves and is quite a bit longer (the Aiko stops at the pockets, unlike Sveva). Although there are marked similarities (the backs are very similar), the more I look, the more differences I find (like the two buttons on each side by the pockets on Sveva).

I got the lovely sable as you can see, so I'll have a lot of sweaters in this colorway now, including the Anita cardi from SS 06. Sveva is very cosy and I look forward to wearing her a lot. Apologies for the sideways photo--I can't work out how to rotate it.


erica said...

Is this the one that was on ebay? I forgot to bid on that and have been really annoyed with myself for nearly a month! The Sveva was the reason why I didn't get the Aiko, it was my first pick for a sweater. I'm sure it'll pop up on ebay again, but probably not for such a good price.

I love seeing your new sweaters.

You'll have to rotate the photos in Photoshop or whatever other editing program you have. Such a pain! Blogger should have their own basic editing program.

Moya said...

It's actually one I got in a consignment store in NYC yesterday--I didn't know there was one on ebay. I'll keep an eye out for you and let you know the next time I find one.

Marti said...

I so almost bought that one also!! But I am broke, so it was just one sweater - so I got the black shawl cardigan. That one is so great though! Enjoy! I just won Aiko back on ebay for $70!

erica said...

It sold for $137! I was in CA and completely spaced on the auction. Lucky you for finding it at a consignment shop.

Awesome deal on the Aiko!

christina said...

Moya, you're so lucky to have come across this! Sveva was one of Jane's best sweater designs. I'd love to see how you style it!
Aside from INA and Tokio, have you checked the Housing Works Thrift Shops throughout NYC for Mayle?

Marti, that's a great deal on aiko considering the sable just sold for $206!

ps-there's a Lyell star lace blouse in sz 10 on ebay currently at 49.95