Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Things I Didn't Buy This Week, Part 1

Here are some of the items I didn't buy this week. In a different year, I'd have snapped some of these items up, but for the reasons stated, I let each go. That's not to say I didn't like/want them, but in the spirit of my new frugality, I let all of these pass.

Rachel Comey top from Creatures of Comfort--around $110. I love this fabric and the top is beautiful and it is 70% off and in my size. But on further reflection, the top isn't wearable for my lifestyle and climate. It's silk so it's not good for humid summers; it's also one shouldered and has such an elaborate detail that it would be hard to cover it in a cardigan without causing an unsightly bump. It's also not something I need that would add value to my wardrobe. Furthermore, the one shoulder thing is not me and is very much of its time meaning this will date. I still love the fabric and hope to find something in this pattern, but as I have the essay dress in another fabric, this may remain something I like from afar.
Savings--around $130 (tax and shipping extra on this one).

Another lovely Rachel Comey blouse that's 70% off at Creatures of Comfort and is also in my size. Pros--I love the neck and shoulders, it looks like it would drape really well. I think I'd wear it (although it may mean I wouldn't wear something else I own and love). Negatives--the fabric is somewhat dull, would need a lot of dry cleaning. As it falls short of spectacular I'm passing, despite the $96 tag.
Savings: around $105--as there would be tax. And probably $235 or so as it would have been easy to snag both of these.

Rag and Bone cardigan, around $148, so that's about $162 with tax. Pros--it's green, soft and warm. Minuses--it's $162 and I really don't need another cardigan, particularly one that is this heavy.

Rag & Bone sweater dress--around the same price as the cardigan. Pros--it's cheap and interesting. Rag & Bone always seduces me with its aura of English model off duty. Minues--I don't need it and it is so thick that any day I'd need to be this warm, I'd need something on my legs; I may be English but any remote chance I'd ever have of being a model is long gone. 

More to come--some of the items like the cosy large Rag & Bone cashmere cardigan are not pictured online (and that's still something I would consider as I think the price per wear works out). But I still vow to resist it, so it maybe just as well I can't find any images.


jennifer said...

I commend you for practicing such restraint. Those are some really lovely pieces.

Marti said...

I am proud of you. You really do not need any of those pieces. I think the first RC top would languish in your closet - even though it would look stunning. if you lived in LA or Miami - i would say buy it but its completely impractical for NYC. Same with the Rag & Bone dress and cardi - you know that eventually JCREW will do something similar for alot less. If the cardi was $70 I would say go for it but its still pretty expensive.

kudos to your new restraint!

Amanda said...

Moya, you're not missing out on the Rag & Bone items at all. They're usually overpriced for what they are and I can tell you that the cardigan sheds like crazy. I'm deeply respectful of your self-restraint.

Cindy said...

I love this feature! Your choices for things that you didn't buy are lovely, as usual, and your decisions are inspiring!

LivKate said...

Moya, this is great. I was admiring the second Rachel Comey blouse as well. But, how many more blouses do I need to really own? I think your show of self-restraint is great. So far this year I have not purchased any clothing. I wonder how long I can keep up the streak.

quirkyjennio said...

You've completely stolen our idea, but I love your choices so I'm okay with it. :)

Moya said...

Thanks, Amanda. I have a Lyell cardigan that I love but it also sheds (and it is ivory) so it really limits how I can wear it. I don't need another!

I've been thinking about doing this feature for a while--partly because I wonder how much of my spending is about the immediate love rather than the logical fit with my wardrobe, lifestyle and climate. After the big sweater organization, I'm all the more attuned to the need to cut back.

Jennio--I guess great minds think alike--I've never seen your blog but thanks for the link :) I think a lot of bloggers are trying to cut back right now and I'm not sure the economy is the only reason.