Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hunter Wellies

While last night's snow storm was not as bad as predicted, I had already decided to invest in some decent wellies for slushy, wet and slippery days. I have my very old snow boots from Wisconsin, and they are still good for heavy snow, but they do leak a little. They are also heavy and not suitable for wet spring and autumn days. So I got some Hunter wellies and liners yesterday. I feel like I am jumping on the band wagon (particularly as I was one of about 5 people buying them when I was in Bloomingdales yesterday) but in my defence, my Mum, brothers, sisters-in-law and many friends have them and had long recommended them for their longevity and comfort, yet I just never got round to purchasing a pair. I thought about it last Christmas when I was home, but Hunters are heavy and I didn't think they were so much cheaper that it would warrant the effort.

So, I collected my three Bloomingdales gift cards and headed into acupuncture yesterday via Lexington Ave. While I wanted the dark purple pair, those are evidently the most popular and had sold out, so I got the green (my second choice). I would have been happier with purple, but I need them for snow and rain and with the snow round the corner and my choice restricted to Bloomingdales (and said gift cards), my options were obviously limited. As I fell between sizes, liners were essential and I got the cable knit trimmed fleece ones--which are horribly over priced at $40. But they fit and made the boots more comfy and my feet warm, so I picked them up. I wore them to yoga tonight (obviously not to the actual practice) and got my first and likely only compliments on them.

I think these were my first official purchase of the year. I'm not sure my knitted hat with cat ears from Topshop really counts, nor my Topshop slipper socks. Even if they do, I've ended up with some very practical items--and managed (so far) to resist sales temptations. I'm hoping to be a good girl this year and maybe save for some of the items I really love, find a few bargains and otherwise be careful with my spending. I feel the Hunter wellies are an investment, not just for this short-lived winter storm, but for the spring when I won't ruin my shoes in the numerous inevitable NYC rain storms.


Marti said...

i bought some hunters a few years back and they are a MUST in NYC winters. Welcome back!!!

erica said...

i have a pair of aigle parcours that i can trudge around town for hours and hours in the slush. liners sounds like a good idea, though, since they're a little too big. i'm a huge fan of a comfy pair of rainboots.

welcome back!

Moya said...

Thank you, Marti and Erica! The liners really help with the fit as I am in between the 8 and 9s in Hunter (they definitely run big). They were useful yesterday and I know I'll get a lot of wear out of them--and save my other shoes in the process.