Sunday, January 16, 2011

More J. Crew Sale

As I mentioned earlier, I am going to be a bridesmaid in my friend Lisa's wedding in April. The J. Crew sale came in very handy here too. I just purchased two bridesmaid's dresses (one for the wedding, one for the rehearsal dinner) for just over $100 from the J. Crew site.

The dress above is, perhaps, a little too sober for the wedding but is one I will wear again--it's in dark green washed silk and I have been looking for a green dress for ages. So this fits the bill.

The other is flirty and frilly and very short--more suited to the event--and is in a brighter green (less sober than the other). I couldn't decide--one dress I liked for itself and would wear again, the other was definitely more festive--and gives me an incentive to exercise so I won't look like a fat ruffly lump. So I decided to get both. Now I really am done shopping for a while. That said, this was an expense I would have to face at some point--and I cannot believe I got a dress so cheap. One of the other bridesmaids also bought her dress this way--we're both thrilled to take advantage of the 40% promo and be so organized that we aren't rushing around the shops the weekend before the big day. And it was cheaper to buy the dresses than to rent one.


erica said...

just popping in to say that dark green will look lovely on you. ok, back to chapter edits.

i'm applying for a 1 yr job (with renewable contract) at nyu. a major long shot, i'm better suited for postdocs right now, but wouldn't it be fun to be in nyc?!? the sample sales.... ;)

Moya said...

I so hope you get it! It would be lovely to have you here. How is the diss going? I'm reading dissertations right now and itching to get back to my own writing.

erica said...

writing is slow, but i have a schedule that seems doable. late april will be the defense!

considering the job is just a 1 yr gig (no real benefits or security), i was shocked to see how ambitious the job description was. i guess nyu is banking on its location to attract applicants. i'll probably end up somewhere very cold and isolated!

Moya said...

Yes, NYU is always so competitive. It is a great place to work and I really hope it works out for you. Where else have you applied?

erica said...

postdocs at cornell, toronto, berkeley, and usc. nyu is my only job prospect. slim picking this year!

are you on the market or staying put for now?