Monday, January 17, 2011

5 Down, 25 to go...

I just got back from two yoga classes and I'm hoping to go for a third tonight, work permitting. I have 1 1/2 Ph.D. dissertations to read and a syllabus to finish. While it may be optimistic, I will try to go to another class at 7.30 if I make sufficient headway on my work. My studio is closed on Tuesdays so even if I ache all over, I have a day to recover.

I'm trying to manage my time better this year and work towards the things that really matter--better health, slimmer body, more writing, more publications, a house, etc. I was at a friend's house in Long Island this weekend where we made visualization boards of things we want to accomplish (a serene and well balanced warrior three featured on my board to replace my somewhat erratic pose). It was like creating an inspiration board for a designer collection. Mine still has empty space, partly as it is tough to find images of unwritten books and some of my other desires, partly because there are still unspecified goals to pursue. Another tip was creating a diary so you can follow your agenda and fulfill goals--one that includes down time. I'm thinking about constructing one of those for myself. As yoga has shown me, it is easier for me to do something if it is marked in my calendar and given a fixed time and date.

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