Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Happy New Year (or at least newish)! I got back late Monday night--that is, early Tuesday morning England time or dinner time for NY-ers. I'm trying to be productive with the jet lag but it is easy to go to bed early, get up while it is still dark and then read magazines while I eat breakfast. I think this is the latest I've been up since I got back and even though it is 9.15 p.m., I suspect I'll be asleep in an hour.

I had a great time at home. I managed to dodge blizzards and snow both sides of the Atlantic--even coming back the day before the much-hyped snow storm that really failed to deliver.

My new year's resolutions include making the best use of my time, which means compartmentalizing internet use, save some money, and accomplish more of my professional and personal goals. I also want to get fitter and lose some weight in the short term, and to eat even less junk this year. To that end, I made tomato basil soup for lunch today (served with 12 seed bread from Whole Foods). It was the first time I had made it and it was both easy and tasty, although a lot more expensive than store-bought soups. I think the key is to make it when basil is in season, not $2 for a small bundle.


joyce said...

welcome back, moya!

Moya said...

Thank you, Joyce!