Friday, January 14, 2011

J. Crew sale

I feel silly posting this after my posts from yesterday but J. Crew has 40% off sale items if you spend over $100 plus free shipping. So I've been shopping this morning and spent quite a bit. Before I go further, I admit that three items are Christmas gifts for next year so it isn't all bad. I was demurring then remembered rushing around Manhattan on a tight deadline last month, not finding things I liked, spending more than I wanted and piling on the stress. So, I got gifts for two close family members in January and saved a lot in the process. It's not even 9 am in the second week in January and my Christmas shopping is part done. I think that's an improvement in time management.

As for myself, I got three cardigans and a leather bag. With the three gifts and taxes it all came to about $350 which seems a lot but I now have an everyday bag that isn't Mayle and won't be ruined in the rain. And much as it amuses Evan, I do wear my cardigans a lot. Here, then, are my finds (the Christmas presents aren't shown, for obvious reasons). There was a lot of stock and many things I could have bought but I edited my baskets to make sure I didn't overspend on items I'd never end up wearing.

 I have a thing for dark and olive green sweaters and liked this when it first came out. It has that vintage knit quality I like (in this instance, a bit of thrift store thrown in). It was down from $118 to about $50 with the discount. I hope it is soft.

Cardigan #2. I wanted a cable cardigan this year and hope this one fits. I'd usually get a L in this style as it looks like it may be thick and run a little smaller (and because I have got too fat) but the M was the only one left. That said, I am an M in J. Crew sweaters unless they have a ridiculously shrunken cut. Around $55 after the markdowns, this looks like something useful for our current weather.

Cashmere and subtle sparkles for $60. Really, what's not to like? I got this in a L. No Ms left when I ordered and I think this one may run small. It's also J. Crew Collection so I'm hoping it will not pill. Plus it looks like it could work until early summer.

I resisted many other lovely sweaters. I may go back for this one--or look for it in store--as I completely missed it in my first quick shop (when you have a bag in your basket you really have to act fast as they do sell out--they were gone from the site almost as soon as I checked out).

As for the bag, here it is. (it was $101 before taxes). I don't have anything like it and while I know it wasn't a necessary splurge, it is something I will use. Although here I know that I've been bad. So much for resisting the sales this year.

This is not the economical start to the year I promised myself but I promise to be frugal from now on. Of course I failed to mention my Club Monaco purchases from yesterday which I'll post about later (a dress and cashmere tunic). But given that this is sale time, I have resisted far more than I have spent. And I intend to carry on resisting more, spending less and saving. After all discipline builds character.


erica said...

a friend has the green cardigan. i thought it was handmade, in a good way.

i bought the bonfire cardigan in cotton for myself. i've been spending more and more time on their website these days, it seems.

Lya de Putti said...

Moya, this really made me laugh. It's the first time I've had a chance to check in since we saw each other in London. I thought to myself, I wonder what's going on in Moya's blog now she has decided NOT TO BUY ANY MORE CLOTHES. Ha ha! Keep it up baby, we must treat ourselves now and then!

Moya said...

Erica--I thought it looked handmade too. I like the bonfire cardi too--it looks so cosy. I also ordered a couple more cashmere sweaters and a skirt. Bad I know, but at those prices and with this weather, it seems excusable.

Jenny--I know. I'm bad. But I am actually short of sweaters, and it is COLD right now. Soup only goes so far!