Monday, August 1, 2011


It's August and I stuck to my resolution and didn't buy a dress in July. Of course, that didn't mean that I was completely virtuous--the Office shoes, the gap gym clothes and the J. Crew splurge may have all been bargains and may have even totaled less than one dress, but I still have a way to go before I meet my goal of not spending anything on clothing for a month (and then I'll try for longer).

August is always difficult as the final sales wave temptation in front of my face in the form of deep markdowns on things I actually like, may even need or just fantasize about owning. Then there are those pieces by the designers I like, in prices that match what I'd love to spend (again deep discounts) that I don't actually need.

Of course, this all comes with some sadness when you miss that item that you weren't really going to buy but almost bought on a number of occasions. Case in point, this Rachel Comey Ether dress. I loved the fabrics, but don't need any summer silk dresses, particularly with spaghetti straps--it's also a shade too long for me too. I'm not sure the boning would have worked for me either. But it was so pretty and it was $168 plus tax and shipping (which may have been the killer as it puts it at a hair under $200). Too late now as it's gone, but I offer it up here as an example of what I didn't buy this sale season--and as a testament to my self-discipline if I might pat myself on the back.


erica said...

so pretty, but not a must. i think you did well to abstain.

and i'm also finding here in toronto that taxes (and shipping) are keeping me from buying things.

jennifer said...

that dress was one of my favorites this season too. however, the fit seemed too tricky to purchase without trying on.