Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waiting for Irene

That pretty much sums up today. I went to zumba--the last class of the day (ending at 12.30) at my yoga studio which was running an abbreviated schedule like every other business in NYC. After showering, we went out to look for torches but there were none left in Jackson Heights. Then it was home until further notice. I wrote a couple of syllabi but it's an odd experience waiting to see if power and/or water will cut out, if the apocalypse will arrive or if the storm will be just a storm. Enforced inaction seems to have some kind of link to eating, which may account for all the crazy food shopping that many NY-ers engaged in over the last two days. Our form took cooking--I made a fish tagine which takes a while to cook, and Evan made chocolate chip cookies. The peaches in the kitchen were getting pretty ripe so I had two of them. I watched a of pre-Code film (got to maximize that electricity) and followed the storm's unbelievably slow progress online. Yesterday, it was predicted to hit NYC on Saturday around 2-10 p.m., now it seems that it will be nearer 11 am on Sunday.

As long as we have power and can work, we'll be fine. And water too, of course. I'm hoping all NY-ers will be safe and will keep power/water. But it has been oddly quiet everywhere today--no trains and very few people on the street.

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