Monday, August 22, 2011


The last month has been dedicated to the new book. My writing mode is not one without consequences as I turn into some form of hermit. Any "what I wore today" posts would only document my descent into some kind of sloven. Pyjamas, nightdresses, yoga pants and anything that can withstand humidity would probably be top of my list. Scraped back hair, make-up free face, and whatever shoes I may need to break in around the house complete the attire. I usually make breakfast relatively early (oatmeal, berries, walnuts) and then pick at it until the bowl is finally empty some two hours later. Lunch (usually something like a salmon burger and one slice of wholegrain seeded bread) comes when I realize it's 3.30 because of the gnawing pain in my stomach or my general light headedness. Sometimes I also realize that it's 3.30 and I'm still in my nightie so while everything heats up, I grab a shower and something to wear. Dinner comes at 10 or so--after Evan finally tells me that he's starving and has to eat and thus ends the day.

Some days I decide to have fun--I put on an old dress to see if I can fit into it. Today was one of them. I found an old empire waist purple cotton Jill Stuart dress. I bought it for a baby shower (the friend's daughter is now 5) and didn't wear it again. I realized why today. It's low cut in a way that I don't like--I'm not Lindsay Lohan and don't want to pour out of my clothes, even though I am far from busty like she is. This dress is one of those that would have that effect on anybody which was probably why it was 80 percent off. Fortunately, I can still fit into it, but I think that's largely because it is an empire waist dress and so open (ahem) on top.

It's hard to believe that a week from now school will be in swing and I'll have to give up this solitary, messy and productive lifestyle. I love teaching but this book proposal really has to come first.

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