Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Small Purchases

I suppose if I'd thought about it twice, I would have been able to get through the month without buying any clothes. But I cracked just a little yesterday. Around the time of our monumental earthquake, I wandered into Anthropologie, more out of curiosity than anything. I tend to find their clothes monstrously over-embellished and somewhat overpriced--if I like something, I know it will never make it to the sales wrack, so browsing is usually safe. I see the things I would buy if they were cheaper or reduced, and if discounts are applied, their eager fan base nabs the items before I do. I'm not that worried about it as there are always other places to shop.

I am a fan of their nightdresses, however. They are pretty, comfortable and distinctive. I also refuse to pay full price. Of late, they have not been discounting them--or at least the ones I like don't go on sale. Again, I don't stalk this store so I could have missed out on a few.

Anyway, there were two nice ones on the sale rack. One reddish cotton jersey/t-shirt fabric with pockets at the bottom, and one short cotton woven one in a cream print. Both were $29.99 or half price and below the tax threashold. Both were comfortable and fit--the creamy one was even a little big but you don't want nighties sticking to your skin in hot weather. So I got both, figuring that these will last a while and replace ones that will soon be on their way out. I have a couple of anthro nighties that are old and will perish soon (I worked out that they are about 6-8 years old, to my horror).

But did I need them? A quick mental count today put my number of anthro nighties at 11, with one extra from Target (a cotton Liberty of London that probably won't last forever). So I guess nighties can now go on the list of unnecessary purchases--along with striped t-shirts, pyjama bottoms and tights. Unless they are spectacular, I do not need any more of the above items. And when I mean spectacular, I really mean I should not buy them unless they are so staggeringly wonderful that I'd regret it forever.


swinny said...

maybe you should come over while i pack and look at all the clothes i have FROM MIDDLE SCHOOL. that'll make you feel better about having things that are six (HA!) years old.

Moya said...

I didn't mean it that way-whoops! I have dresses from high school (ages 11-18 in the UK) and college too. I just meant I thought of those as my new nighties and now I realize that they aren't and that the time just went by horribly fast.