Thursday, August 4, 2011


Almost every day, some email now drops into my inbox about some sale that grabs my attention. So far, two pairs of coveted shoes have been marked down to just over $100 and I saw a coat on Gilt's 90% sale that I like a lot (even though it is nearer 75% off). I'm holding back for the time being. I have 11 coats of varying descriptions although this one would be a nice addition--it isn't like anything else I have and I know I'd wear it. But wouldn't I just wear one of the other ones instead? Why do coats always speak to me like this? I know NYC requires coats for 9 months or so but it's more than that--the image that a coat gives of being well put together, the warmth it provides and the way it seems like something more permanent than a cardigan, dress or shoes which will ultimately wear out.

As for the sandals, I need a pair of highish ones for summer events. My Miu Miu silver sandals turned yellow in places and are too high for anything other than real parties. I need something that is dressy but not too much. The Comey Chadwicks and the A Detacher Bellows are both on sale. Should I bite or should I just let them pass. And if I select a pair, which one to go for?


Cheryl said...

moya- I love the A Detacher Bellows. They are high enough and really comfortable. The Comey Chadwicks seem more dressy and i am not a fan of the heel. I have not tried them on, have you? i favor the Bellows.

Spjork said...

These, if you just want a cheap, easy mid heel.

Otherwise, I would say the a detacher bellows as well.

erica said...

coat's are my siren song. i have a profound weakness for them, and for the same reasons you mention. they always seem like investment pieces. i own about 14 coats, and many of them are worn 2-3 times a year.

LOVE the a detacher bellows. i've heard of fit issues with the didion's. have you tried on the bellows, moya?

Moya said...

Thanks for all the feedback. I tried the chadwicks on and loved them--they were also pretty comfortable and I was waiting for them to go on sale. I haven't tried the Bellows on--but love them as a replacement for a pair of sandals I wore for years. What to do? Both? Neither?

I have wide feet, Cheryl--do you think the Bellows would work for me?

Erica, the coat has gone. It's a shame but probably just as well.

erica said...

i say go for both if they're shoes that you'll wear to death.

as for the coat, it's probably for the best! i'm going to try to edit my collection down and focus on work-appropriate jackets and blazers.

Cheryl said...

I agree with Erika. Go for both! I have wide feet too and the Bellows worked for me.

Moya said...

Thanks Erica and Cheryl! I will do just that!