Monday, August 29, 2011


With one week to Labor Day, the new semester is almost upon me, and that means the end of crazy doing my own work days and the need to share my time with my students. I'm vowing this semester will be different and that I will accomplish big things. I will get the new book proposal out in the next couple of weeks and I will finish those almost done articles. I will get the celebrity book proposal out to the press by Christmas and I will write the second chapter of the femininity book. I will go to yoga, zumba and pilates, and I will not let the potentially endless job of course prep and teaching impinge on my publication schedule. I have no intention of neglecting my teaching duties but putting them in their place, conducting them efficiently rather than letting things slide into work days. As such, I'm declaring Thursday and Friday as writing days and teaching prep for Tuesday and Wednesday. Weekends can go either way, depending on my needs.

I want this to be a big semester for me and it will only be that way if I get my nose to the grindstone and use my time efficiently. Otherwise the sadness that always accompanies abandoning the summer months with their time to be used on whatever work I choose, will be truly deserved. I can't do anything about the cooling winds and shorter days (both of which make me a little sad), but I can keep an eye on the way I organize my time.

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joyce said...

amen, moya. i'm trying to do the same thing this academic year.