Friday, September 2, 2011

Grunt Work

Sometimes writing doesn't come easily, that I know. On those days, you either have to just plough on and hope that getting something done is better than nothing or just give up and play in the sun. I'd do the latter but we're now at that time where I can't. Free days are effectively few and far between so today, I took the morning off. Right now, I'm trying to write the very last chapter description for the book proposal and it's just slow work. I've spent hours today to write maybe two pages. But that's two pages I'd otherwise not have. I've fallen victim to the power of the chocolate chip cookie too, but sometimes it's better to indulge, feel guilty and then get back to writing, right?

And August passed and I didn't buy any dresses, shoes, sandals or striped t-shirts. A victory of some kind for sure--although those two anthro nighties, a cheap ($25) Madwell shirt, and the last of the J. Crew sale purchases means this was still not a pristine month. I am doing better, however. Now I have to withstand the Labor Day sales.

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