Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Thanks to Karen, I now own the T by Alexander Wang dress. LaGarconne sent it yesterday and it came this morning (Fedex ground obviously doesn't take so long when a dress has to travel from CT to NYC). I'm wearing it now and I needed the L. It's basically a lycra cotton tube dress cut asymetrically so you can arrange the folds to mask bulges in your stomach and rear. That said, it is a lovely dress and it makes me feel tall and svelte, even with the L sizing (I have to be careful about the rear view--I'm not exactly flat back there). The timing was great too--in time for today's warmer weather. Tomorrow it should get into the 70s so I'm thinking pansy lace Ilaria as it offers a bit more leg coverage and is more appropriate for teaching.

I'm still tired from LA and mired in grading and class prep. I should be back up to more regular blogging when I clear the backlog of work in the next week.


Marti said...

If this were facebook, I would click "like" I am sure you look amazing!!!!

lorochills said...

congrats!!! it really is such a great dress and I am totally loving the stripes in every which way...enjoy this weekend

靜宸姿英 said...
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