Monday, March 1, 2010


Over the last month, I've been reading a biography of Clara Bow. It's pretty good and I'd have powered through it if I'd got any free time (I'm writing this in my office hours) but as it is I'm savoring it little by little which is also nice.

So I was very pleased to see that Film Forum were playing her 1926 film, Mantrap, on Saturday. I hope the book will be done by then, but even if it isn't, I managed to get a ticket and will be heading down to the West Village to watch it with piano accompaniment. I'm inspired by my grad students in my Hollywood Before 1960 class who manage to balance schedules with finding the gems of repertory cinema in NYC.


joyce said...

those eyes!

Cindy said...

Love Ms. Bow! The film with piano accompaniment sounds wonderful, so sad I can't be in the city to see it too.

Moya said...

I wish you were here to see it with me, Cindy. :(