Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Crazy, Crazy

So, in addition to all the work I've had recently, as well as the grading and my efforts to finish the book, I have been busy because I agreed to teach my dept. chair's grad theory class today. He's been so good to nme that I couldn't say no. So I've been working, not blogging, of late. But I want that book to be done and mailed within a week--if the grading doesn't intervene and spoil everything. I also have to file my FSA or lose the money and that has to be done this week as well. So much to do.

But I did get a few new fun things--in fact, I've been pretty bad. I got the Surface to Air wedge buckle sandals that have become something of a modern classic. While I haven't worn them out yet, they are comfortable and so pretty. I just don't know if they are up to a full day of teaching yet.

The weather was glorious today--I wore black and white Jemeen, lavender tights, lavender Club Monaco cashmere cardi and the ivory wedges from SS 06 with my Fall 2009 trench. The a/c in the building makes it chilly at times, hence the tights and cardi. Photos to follow--I promise.

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Marti said...

Moya, good luck on wrapping that stuff up! Lets see some photos of the outfits (and the shoes)