Friday, March 26, 2010

Recovering from SCMS

I had no idea how much this LA trip would tire me--and I'm not alone. Several of our grad students were as tired and befuddled as I was, and our dept. administrator, who also made the trip, is now off sick. I think breathing in the stale air of the conference hotel didn't help--it was like being in a large, carpeted, ugly pomo airport for five days (with the sole exception of my trip to Santa Monica and the lunchtime I walked around downtown LA). Fun, hard work and tiring.

I have to get some work done later today but it was nice to wake up this morning and not race to finish a lecture, readings, gradings or something of that ilk.

Onto more fun things. Before I left, I ordered a pair of Surface to Air buckle flats from Lamb's Ear in Seattle. They came on Wednesday and maybe the most comfortable shoes I own--as well as being so pretty. Lamb's Ear's Angie was so helpful and the shoes were packaged so well, complete with a pretty ribbon and bow from the store. They have such lovely shoes and great customer service. I've been searching for a pair of pretty and comfortable and edgy flats for years and these are definitely it.

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joyce said...

Conferences almost always make me ill! It's like being on a cruise ship with hundreds and hundreds of people.

Glad to see that you can take some time to relax. And I adore those shoes.