Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Despite being crazed with work (I'm finishing my conference paper today, leaving for LA tomorrow and have to prep Tuesday's classes before I leave), yesterday was a good day. I received copies of a journal featuring my most recent article (a short essay on Britney Spears and celebrity), got an email with good news about work, and decided to buy the Surface to Air shoes I've been coveting for the last few weeks. I just hope they fit.

Today is sunny and bright. I was just interviewed for the New York Daily News for an article on child stardom and the Runaways (it will be out on Sunday as I return). Now I have to pack, get down to work and then go to acupuncture and Whole Foods later. No food on the airline so I'm bringing enough organic fruit, nuts and food to last me over a transcontinental flight--with healthy snacks and organic green tea to spare for my hotel room. I'll get to see lots of old friends and hope to meet with Marti on Saturday night--we both have to be in LA for work this week.

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