Monday, September 26, 2011

Tocca--Effectively Lyell

Monica and I visited the new Tocca boutique on Saturday to check out the new Lyell collection. Most of the pieces from the lookbook were in--save a few sweaters, skirts and other items that are arriving this week.

Basically, this is Lyell--Emma's vision is not diluted. Alas, the sizing is Lyell too. While it goes up to size 10, in some pieces that 10 translates into a large 6 at best--as with anything with a narrow, fitted or pencil skirt. I had one size 10 dress on--or rather, partially on as it wouldn't even go below my waist. The simple shft dresses were a tad narrow on my hips in a 10, the blouses likewise were too fitted and a 10 didn't do up on my back. Even the coats were somewhat of a narrow fit around the back. I could get away with the coats, the black lace dress fit, as did the gathered blouses, but if you are even a true 8, sizing here could be very tricky indeed. It was my biggest complaint and is totally unnecessary--I even joked to the very nice shop girls that I was almost sized out of the store.

Prices and quality-wise, it was a little cheaper than Lyell--coats were $500-700, dresses $400-700, blouses a shade under $300 (except the lace which was twice the price), knits seem to be around $300-600 although it was tough to tell as several were not yet in. Pants around $325, shorts around $250.
Quality was good but not as fine as Lyell--the details were there but linings were acetate and the fabrics were not quite as fine as I'd like--some of the tweeds were notably scratchy. But overall very nice.

My main problem was really the small fit. There also doesn't look like there will be much stock, at least at first. I suspect they want to test the demand--to see if there is any shortage, to build buzz and test the market. There will be some limited online stock and limited number of items sold elsewhere but the full line will only be available in the store. Overall, it was lovely but nothing we haven't seen from Emma before, although it was a great distillation of a maturing aesthetic with some lovely delicate prints (the acorn was adorable) and some better colors. I hope they sort out the sizing as anybody who is tall and not a tiny, tiny frame will be sized out of some items which is perhaps not the best thing to do in this market.

Tiny girl-sized versions of the stock--plus a few other adorable outfits--were another great surprise. Very reasonably priced, these made me yearn even more for a little girl, even though there were perhaps too many browns for most 5 year old's tastes.

Nice store, airy, and lovely sales girls too.


jennifer said...

Thanks for the thorough report, Moya. I can't wait to check out the store the next time I'm in New York.

joyce said...

Yes, thanks for the report! I'm so curious to see these pieces in person. mostly because I miss Lyell so much.

Was the tweed coat we all liked terribly scratchy?

erica said...

thanks for checking out the new collection, moya! i wish i could see everything in person. now i'm intrigued about the acorn print, i don't think i saw anything like that online?

i would love to pick up a blouse and a cardigan if my much desired nyc trip happens in december.

and girl sized versions? if only i had a daughter, too...

Moya said...

It was pretty scratchy, Joyce, which was really disappointing. I nearly bought it but as I tried it on I was trying to think of ways to cover my neck so it wouldn't hurt. It looked lovely but why didn't they chose a better fabric? They make it in a wool which was softer (the navy coat in the lookbook) but it was $50 more, heavier and ran smaller. You also couldn't notice the lovely contrast detailing.

There's evidently more stock coming in--ny magazine has a post with pieces I didn't see, like a wool jumper dress. The acorn print is black with tiny brown acorns and is available in a blouse and a simple shift dress. I'd get the dress but the 10 is a shade too narrow on the hips so I have my eye on the draped tie neck blouse instead.

Marti said...

So disappointing hat the sizing is terrible - I had hoped fr so much more.

joyce said...

Covering/protecting your neck is definitely not something you want to think about when purchasing a new coat! That's too bad.

Christina said...

Thanks for posting about the new season. Sad to hear about the tweed material. I guess a scarf would be necessary just to wear that coat.