Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mayle for Sale

As our clothing rails are literally bending under the weight of my clothes, I'm going through items that I own but do not wear often enough to justify keeping. Some of these I'll be posting on ebay soon, but before I do that, I wanted to list them here in case anybody was interested.

1. Holiday 2007 cardigan--shown center in this image. Ivory and gold. Never worn--immaculate condition, no pilling. Size L but runs small--best for a medium or would even work on a S. I love it but it is just a little too small for me. SOLD

2. Fabienne vest in gray, size M, Fall 2008. Never worn--it wasn't me and I won't wear it so it's best to put it out in the world for someone who wants it. SOLD

3. Sonya dress in sky blue--size 8. I love it and it is extremely rare. If it doesn't sell, I'll just keep it, but if you are interested, this one is amazing. Worn four times and in mint condition. It's the fabulous blue/silver gray dress with puff sleeves, black and white buttons with red thread, and a square neck.

4. Coco clogs (?)--the new clogs from the pop up. Size 41, fits a 40 (runs small) worn once but they just aren't me.

5. purple ikat print dress--the short version of the one that Kirsten Dunst wore. Size 8 or 10 (forget which but runs small and fits like an 8). Worn once for an afternoon. SOLD.

6. Mayle Senna jacket, size 8. Never worn so I'm going to part with it.

7. Guinevre jacket (the jacket in the Elvira cotton). Lovely but again I've not worn it. Size 8 but runs a touch small so would also work for a 6. Image above is from the flickr pool, not my jacket.

8. Mayle Rosetta cardigan, size L. Never worn, in the tan colorway in this image.

Others to follow, along with photos. Email me if interested--moya[dot]luckett[at]gmail[dot]com.

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