Thursday, September 22, 2011

Caroline's Mayle for Sale

Caroline is also having a bit of a closet clearance and has the following Mayle for sale. If you are interested contact her at csinderst[at]gmail[dot]com.

This is a great dress--I have it in an 8--but it runs a little narrow in the hips. This one is a size 4. Caroline never wore it because it was so small. This one is tough to find, particularly in the full color paradiso print.

This is also a size 4 and again runs small (it's quite rare and certainly is a dress I would have bought had they made it in the size 10 I would have needed). Again, Caroline never wore this as it was too small. SOLD

Somewhat worn in, Caroline did not specify size but I suspect a 6. This is worn in and has some pilling. $75 or best offer.

Jeanne purse in rare Tiffany blue, made solely for Ten Little Indians final sale. Excellent condition.

Please contact Caroline for all details, including prices, other photos, etc.


erica said...

alas too small for me. i wish i had gone with the full color paradiso print...

Stella said...

I'm interested in the paradiso dress, but when I tried to send an email to caroline's email address, I got a notification that it doesn't exist. Is there another way to contact her?