Friday, September 9, 2011

So Lyell Returns

I just got an email that wasn't a huge surprise. The last time I spoke to Emma, she mentioned that she would be back when her baby girl had grown a little. She's designing a collection for Tocca and if this image is anything to go by, it will be promising (I just hope the immaculate finishing and manufacturing standards Lyell was known for continues in this venture).

I've been increasingly reluctant to part with my Lyell as it just looks both fresher and more classic with each season. While I am not going to spend wildly, I'm very interested to see this collection and maybe judiciously select more key pieces for my fall wardrobe--not just for 2011 but for the years ahead.


louise or valentine said...

i am so excited! do you know if things will be sold online???

Moya said...

I don't--I haven't found any sign of it yet anywhere but I imagine that it will be. Tocca produces in relatively large numbers and used to be available at a wide range of stores. Hopefully this collection will be readily available for all of us. More news as I have it.