Friday, September 9, 2011

More Lyell

These pieces have Emma's signature all over them and, if I had unlimited resources, I'd get them all. Her coats--as always--are irresistible.

This cardigan looks lovely (and probably is expensive) but I love good knits.

A perfect schoolgirl dress--something I always covet. Alas, it may not be large enough--I always have problems with Emma's sizing and have no idea if the Tocca line will be cut the same way.

Just lovely. And those purple shoes are wonderful (does Tocca make shoes)?

Love it.

Close to perfection (but it looks like a mash up of my beloved Lyell and JM peacoats so there's definitely a trend here).


joyce said...

oh i love the coats too. and that burgundy handbag is pretty great as well. i wonder what the price points will be. i don't own anything by tocca in its previous incarnations, but this collection will probably be quite dear.

Cheryl said...

The coats are amazing! I was about to pick up am an IM coat, but I think I will hold out and choose one of these.

Jennifer said...

I love this! Thanks so much for this post - do you know who or where this new line is being carried? I was a huge fan of the original Tocca in the mid-late 90's and Lyell.

Moya said...

I don't think any of these are available yet. Tocca has pretty widespread distribution (or it used to) and certainly manufactured in far larger quantities than Lyell so I'm hopeful we can all get some judicious finds. The tweed coat/black lace blouse or dress, blue blouse and oatmeal cardigan are all items I'm very keen to see in real life. That burgundy bag is wonderful, Joyce--I wish I'd gotten one of the last Lyell bags but didn't quite make it to the store in time.

erica said...

it's so strange to see the name tocca attached to what are pretty much lyell pieces. maybe that's because i still own a few very mod tocca dresses and blouses from around 2002-04.

i would buy that cardigan in a heartbeat. i need to stay strong and not buy any coats, though.

christina said...

oh my, I'm in love with everything, especially the coats.

Teresa said...

I love the girly dress with the fuschia cuffs and collar! So adorable!