Monday, October 11, 2010

Penpal Boots

I have been thinking a lot about the Mayle pop-up. Truthfully much of what's there is too expensive for me, so I may just stop at the one coat (already purchased) and the sandals. This does not mean I have a lot of money to throw around but it does mean that I can look for the pieces that are on my list of essentials for fall. I need ankle boots and rain boots and another pair of comfortable winter shoes so I don't wear my s2a flats to death.

I really want a pair of Rachel Comey Barbaro boots but with my wide feet I assume I will need an 11 (I've never been able to get my feet into (my usual) size 10 Comey shoes and sometimes boots run smaller). These don't appear to exist, at least not online, although I haven't given up on finding a pair. I did find a pair of size 11 Penpal boots at Le Train Bleu. With 30% off, they were $243 with shipping. The color wasn't my favorite but I think it will work. I just hope the size will too--as a size 10 with wide feet I am still a little wary. Here they are:

Now if these work, I am sure I'll need the 11 Barbaros! But I am trying to be good. I just have to wear shoes and boots I can stand in for a long time, what with teaching and the rigors of subway steps.


jennifer said...

Those are very nice! I have both the Penpal and Barbaro booties from last season. In my experience, the Penpals were a bit more narrow than the Barbaro. I think the Barbaro's thinner sole and nubuck leather make it more forgiving. I'm between a size 8-8.5 with wider feet, and the 8s worked fine for me. I hope you find that both the 10s and 11s will work!

Moya said...

I hope the 11 works in the penpals and that I need the 10 in the Barbaros (which are my favorite--I love the heel and double buckle). I am wary about getting a size 11 but I know that Comey shoes run narrow and I have sized up in boots before. If not, these will have to go back to Portland. On that note, I'm amazed at how many items I buy come from there--you would think you could get anything in NYC but it isn't always the case.

Marti said...

Those are great. I love them!!! Have you thought of doing a special order from rachel comey?

jennifer said...

I bet that the size 10 Barbaros will work for you. I really love mine, though the heel is less stable than the Penpals.

Portland has become a really fashionable city! I wish all those boutiques were open back when I lived there!

LivKate said...

Yay with the RC boots. I hope they work out. I love my mars boots and they are very stable and comfortable.