Thursday, October 7, 2010

Billy's Bakery

I'm trying very hard to eschew junk food and sugar. Although I love English chocolate, it's relatively easy to avoid that temptation even though it is available in New York. Once every now and then, though, a girl has to have her treats. And so this weekend, we're off to Billy's Bakery--a place I sneaked out to just last week with my friend Ben. One of my favorite items is the ice box cake, pictured below.

It is as light and as delicious as it looks. But I might also be tempted by something else, like this:

Or maybe this:

Actually, if it was possible and if it didn't mean a sugar coma and nausea, I think I'd like all three.


jennifer said...

Yum. They all look delicious. I'm always tempted to stop into Billy's Bakery when I'm in NY, since it's not far away from the Steven Alan in Tribeca. I've made that icebox cake before. It is surprisingly easy and SO good, just some wafers and freshly whipped cream.

christina said...

Are their cupcakes really better than Magnolia?