Sunday, October 17, 2010

Friday Meet Up

I've been horribly busy recently and likely will be swamped until the end of the semester. Work is unbelievable and I am barely keeping up. Other than yoga and acupuncture, I basically work, sleep, eat and try to keep up with class prep, grading and emails. My own research has basically bitten the dust which is beyond frustrating as I am so ready to write. I guess that book proposal will be finished at the end of the year, if not the beginning of the next one.

But I did have a nice break Friday night after a long day of teaching (basically 10-6.10 p.m). I met up with Marti who was in town for a work event, and then headed over to the East Village with her, finding some consignment Mayle on the way, none of it in my size. We had dinner at Supper with a large group of Mayle-related friends, including Jen, Thessaly, Alison and Muna. It was a lovely break and as always it was great to see Marti. I'm hoping that she will, indeed, be back in November (as looks likely).

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