Sunday, October 17, 2010


So they arrived, if not without a little drama in the interim. After reading the comments, I thought it might be best to try a pair on. So on Tuesday, I met up with Caroline, popped into the pop-up and then quickly headed down to Creatures of Comfort and tried on the size 10. They fit. I guess all the RC shoes I previously tried on at the SS were there for a reason (and besides, were old). So I frantically called Le Train Bleu, went for a quick tea with Caroline, and then back to my office where I fired off an email to change my order. I have to say they were amazing and prompt. I am now the owner of the black croc penpals in a size 10. I love the color more and they fit me--likely far better than the 11s. Now I have my eye on the Barbaros, but I have to be a little more restrained as it will be Christmas soon and I have to get my ticket home.

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Cindy said...

so glad the boots worked out! they are so easy to wear!