Monday, October 18, 2010


If these (dead) animals weren't over 100 years old I'd be mourning their loss (hopefully of natural causes). But the bizarre Victorian death culture/cuteness/insanity factor makes me want to visit such feats of taxidermy.

Kittens' tea party.

Kitten wedding.

Now on display at the Museum of Everything in Primrose Hill (until Christmas). I think I have to see if I can get a friend to go with me. But I still hope they all died at old ages of natural causes.


jennifer said...

Wow. These are intense! Very cute, creepy, and bizarre. Do you know what purpose these elaborate taxidermy scenes served? Where were they displayed?

Sadly, they all look like kittens, so perhaps they didn't all die of natural causes.

I just googled the Museum of Everything that it looks like a pretty interesting place. I want to visit it now too!


The spoils of empire!

As your friend Jennifer notes, it is doubtful these kittens died of old age. Then again, I reserve the right to poke them with a finger in order to determine if they ever really were kittens--they look like creepy, creepy dolls.

christina said...

I can barely look at those photos. It's too morbid!

louise or valentine said...

ill go with you!