Sunday, October 3, 2010

2 Great Jones

It has been another busy week. Teaching an overload and having three new course preps leaves me little time to myself. I have made sure I go to yoga three or four times a week but otherwise the second half of the week (Wed-Fri night) is solid teaching and Sun-Tues really is just course prep with the occasional bout of writing. I've learned to take Saturday off, otherwise I feel tired all week and my teaching suffers. Obviously I would love to pop into Mayle every day, especially as it is just 2 1/2 blocks from Tisch, but once I'm in school, I'm busy with students and I don't even think about anything else.

On Friday, after my Fashion and Media class ended at 6.10, I finally walked over to Mayle. The pop-up is in the lovely large space formerly used for the Samples for EcoCompassion store and has been remade to look quintessentially Mayle. Two very long curtains on circular rails constitute dressing rooms and have an elegant sweep. There is a candle burning, but this one is not the familiar Votivo Red Currant. Instead I heard Jane say that one of its ingredients was vevitier.

Jane was working the shop when I went in. I also saw Geri from Poupette, whose jewelry I love. I got a chance to talk to Jane and thanked her for coming back to fashion, even if it is just for a quick visit. She looked relaxed and very pretty and was as kind and graceful as ever.

More items had come in since last week. There are samples of the boots and the sandal clog, which comes in black, brown and black with a dark blue suede heel. The Bebel dresses--the long and short Stevie Nicks style lace numbers--are in. I was taken with the short one in leopard lace but its long and very wide bell sleeves are not compatible with my life of reading, writing and dealing with dry erase boards. If I had an event to go to, or a lifestyle where I had to dress up more, I would seriously consider buying it.

Other new arrivals included the Anais dress--a short sleeved v-neck dress with a ruffled front in the ivory/pink print and in black washed silk. It has a sash at the waist and rows of buttons at the sleeves. Alas, the 6 was the largest size in so far and while I actually got it on, the narrow skirt and slim fit made me look like a sausage in its casing. It is a beautiful dress and I am sure it will look a lot better when I get to try it in an 8 or 10. I suspect this one runs a little small whereas the Bebel runs large--the 4 was more than big enough on me.

The other new arrival was the black wool Marie-Helene dress. Somewhat form fitting, this frock has an open scooped neck, a near empire waist/high waist, a straight but not tight skirt with three panels at the front, the middle slightly shorter than the two that flank it. It also has button trim, including buttons fastening what may be faux pocket tops near the waist. It is an extremely slimming dress. It may run a little on the small side--the 10 was a perfect fit for me--but it is quite beautiful and very wearable. It only comes in black hence my hesitation about getting it. It costs $575 and is very well made.

I left wanting so much. I know I cannot have all that I want, but the sandals are a must have. They evidently run small so I signed myself up for the 11, per Jane's advice.

I am thinking seriously about the Marie-Helene dress but I hear the lace romper is now in and the indigo version also appeals very strongly to me. I'm eager to see the Leilani dress as well--the one from the lookbook with the medium sized flowers. I am not sure which one will come home with me, but I am very impressed with all the items I tried on. The short tweed jackets were also in--in pink and a pale burgundy color. They were quite lovely (the fabric is amazing) but they were cropped which is not something that works on my body. Perhaps that's just as well as it further limits temptation!

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