Friday, May 28, 2010

Lyell Closing Sale

There have been several times over the last month where I thought this is the last time I will ever go to Lyell. Abrupt as their farewell appeared, Lyell's closing drew out more than I expected. On Tuesday, I received an email announcing their closing sample sale to be held this Thursday and Friday. I had plans with Evan earlier and had already scheduled to meet a student, so I couldn't make it in for its noon start. While I assume press, staff, friends, family etc. would already pick over the remnants before the sale opened to the public, I also remember there being very little stock for the last sample sale, most of it in the tiniest of sizes.

I got to the sale at 2.30 and it was pretty much as expected. There was very ittle stock mostly from this season, along with a few samples (mainly pants and shorts), a smattering of vintage (likely pieces used for inspiration) and a few of the halter tops with a collar and low back from last summer. No coats, no jackets, no skirts, no dresses and no cardigans (I saw someone purchase the last fuschia cardigan which would otherwise have gone home with me). The new season stock consisted of striped scarves ($50) in both the teal and yellow colorway, 2 teal striped and about four yellow striped sleeveless sweaters ($80), one pair of purple suede shorts ($120), the gray cotton shirt ($90), the white cotton shirt with minimal lace trim ($90 or $110), the navy chiffon blouses that I'd aready dismissed as too delicate and too expensive (the tan had completely sold out), now $280, was $380, originally planned to be $700, a few camisoles in various colors and designs ($65 and $75), red silk ruffled knickers/pants at $30, 2 matching bras at $30, two styles of leotards at $110 and suede belts adorned with a bow $50. There were also a few Lipstick Queen lipsticks at $10.

This all sounds like reasonably bounty but it really wasn't. There were two racks, but both were sparcely stocked. It had evidently been busy early on, but I'm sure there wasn't that much stock. I got a teal striped sweater and a red bra (it's like a 20s piece, delicate and vintage), Caroline bought a pair of patterned blue shorts from last summer that she'd really wanted (they fit her perfectly) and a black vintage dress. In a way I was glad there weren't coats there in my size as I would have been tempted. But I basically got everything I coveted from this spring--although I'd like to have gotten the Bonnie Parker sweater in a M and snagged one of the bags, so I can't complain. I'd have liked to have paid less for the black dress too but that's just me being naughty. I'll be saving even more now my other reliable souce of expensive clothes has shuttered. Much as I like Jeffrey Monteiro, his sizing is not consistent and some of his dresses are hard to track down, even in NYC.


joyce said...

Thanks for the text yesterday, Moya! I did cave and got the last striped teal vest. No more shopping for the entire month of June for me.

Moya said...

I am so pleased. I had grabbed both of them for us. Surprisingly the camisoles and shorts seemed to be the big draws when I was in there--probably because it was warm and sticky and there was little else left.