Sunday, May 16, 2010

Great Weekend

Although I still have some schoolwork to do before dedicating myself to finishing one book and starting the next, I was able to take most of this weekend off. First of all, Evan and I started the big spring clean, throwing away papers and other clutter that amassed over the last academic year. The weekend was bookended with fun. Friday night, I met Monica after work and we headed down to Barmarche to meet Marti and Alison. We stopped off at Lyell along the way--the shelves are almost bare, just a few old pieces, some underwear, camisoles and sleeveless sweaters are left. Then we had a great dinner--it was so good to see everybody and we had such fun.

Sunday afternoon, I met Marti again to tour Soho shops and consignment stores. There really wasn't much that excited me--this time around, Topshop was pretty uninspiring. Just two weeks ago, it was so much better but unlike the ones in England, this gets ravaged and restocked with completely different clothes remarkably quickly. A lot of the design may work but the fabrications are really too cheap for the price. I did, however, buy a great red and white striped tank that I'm wearing right now ($28) and a pair of purple knitted tights, on sale for $10. Isabel Marant also underwhelmed--I think this label is both horribly over-rated and highly overpriced. I guess the ethnic/hippie look has never spoken to me. I've always found the late 1960s a sad time. People moved away from exciting youthful minis, wonderfully angular yet futuristic style and clean, stylish European looks to dirty, messy looks, void of style. Romanticize it as Marant might, it just doesn't work for me, with few rare exceptions (Anita Pallenberg in Performance may be one). J. Crew was underwhelming too--there really just isn't that much out there right now.

There wasn't much in the consignment stores either, but I did score a pair of brand new--that is, never worn--green Mayle flat sandals from somewhere around 2004-5. They are very comfortable and will fit in well with my summer dresses. Now I just have to get back in enough shape to wear my shorts...

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