Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Little Stir Crazy

Summer in NYC--even a premature glimpse of summer--is generally energizing and uplifting. The one problem that always gets to me is the lack of outdoor/green space. I no longer live near a park. I thought I'd found something this morning but it turns out that the one small city park in the area is concrete, small, filled with swings and inadequate for the children in the area, let alone those adults who want to sit and grade under the quiet shade of a tree.

There seems to be a scrap of green space in the center of our building but I have no idea how to access it and nor does Evan. There appears to be a door which likely needs a key--which we don't have. Other than working hard this summer, finding a yoga class nearby and going through some of the clutter in our apt., finding a way into this space is a top priority. Even when I lived in Chicago, there was green space available for each apt. and it really improves the quality of life no end.


jennifer said...

I agree, having access to green space is really important when you live in a city. The last apartment I lived in had a private backyard that significantly improved the quality of our life.

I hope you're able to find a way into the outdoor space in your apartment!

Marti said...

I say have a key made. You need some sort of outdoor space for peace of mind!